We are Global Soul Project. We use food to build communities.

Global Soul Project is inviting everyone to the table. We believe in keeping food inclusive for everyone, and we believe in our philosophy “Eat Well, & Live Happy”. Our mission is to create, develop and implement SOULutions™ through impactful projects and initiatives to end hunger, empower youth and strengthen communities.


GSP Youth Development SOULutions™ are designed to educate, inspire, and empower kids, young adults, and students of any age. We have various programs to include:
Young Chef Initiatives- We emulate the professional kitchen environments to teach foundational life skills which empower kids to engage in teamwork and community.
Youth Empowerment Workshops- Interactive workshop designed to teach leadership and communication skills to prepare young people for adulthood.
SOULcial™ Play - Community wellness & experiential recreation using elements of permaculture to strengthen community and initiate conversations to create SOULutions™
GSP & PopNature Dance Party- In conjunction with PopNature Ice Pops, this is fun for the whole family combining Art, Music, Ice Pops and Nutrition!


Global Soul Project develops, implements and facilitates community initiatives designed to transform underserved neighborhoods into healthy, empowering and thriving environments for children, youth and families. We work in partnership with local-based organizations and community leaders to create SOULutions™ which reverse social isolation and disinvestment in low-income neighborhoods. All of our various services are offered on a sliding pay scale and through sponsorships. We produce smart, effective and forward thinking methods and strategies to align with our client’s organizational goals. How can we help your organization and community? How can we help you initiate conversations which matter in your area? How can we help your neighborhood thrive?

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The 1+1+1=WE campaign is a challenge to engage 1,000,000 people to donate $1, 1 time. This project illustrates what we can do together as a collective conscious society to combat hunger, empower youth and strengthen our communities. Our vision is to create coopertive urban farms by transforming public lands & rooftops into edible plots within food deserts. Using the GSP framework this project will build capacity and create unique projects to address the needs of all stakeholders involved.

We are calling on friends, designers, facilitators, changemakers, leaders and innovators to help us develop programs and invest this money into local underserved economies. We intend to shift the collective conciousness toward resilient practices and thriving SOULutions™. All funds raised will be used to support this multi-city initiative to enrich lives and create a better EcoConscious world for all people. DO you want to change the world? We want to enroll you!
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